Return to End of May 2017

This month I will start a Featured Artist show at Elsinore Gallery in Salem Oregon. there will be 7 or 8 Paintings on display and will stay up for 3 months. I also brought 5 paintings to CCTV also here in Salem. They are on display for 2 month's, Check it out, plus there are many more artist that display thier artwork at both places.


I am also gearing up for the spring and summer fairs around Oregon, last thing I have to buy is a Tent or canopy and make more paintings, I have all other escentials, such as Roof top carrier, Camping trailer, Display wire frames, Tools etc. I want to go to Silverton's Festival in August and I have put in my application, then there are all kinds of Festivals on the Coast Lincoln City, Tillamook, Etc Etc and I will check them out as well.


I imagine that I will start doing these Art Shows and or Festivals in the middle of April, the weather should be reasonable then.