It has been a while getting my act together with blogging, I always wonder who will read it or are marginally interested.

Anyway, I finished my Show at the Elsenore Gallery and at CCTV.

Than the Gallery offered a space for thier May Flower show, I entered 3 paintings, see below.

I liked all three, but I have to put my output on hold for a while as I am taking drawing classes from a Famous duo Ulan Moore and Helen Bouchard, They are trying to make me into a Classical Oil painting artist. Here is a project were I had to make a complete and exact copy of this print, I got as far as putting in the blocks of shapes, next will be the Charcoal value practice, A lot of Fun! 

This month I will start a Featured Artist show at Elsinore Gallery in Salem Oregon. there will be 7 or 8 Paintings on display and will stay up for 3 months. I also brought 5 paintings to CCTV also here in Salem. They are on display for 2 month's, Check it out, plus there are many more artist that display thier artwork at both places.


I am also gearing up for the spring and summer fairs around Oregon, last thing I have to buy is a Tent or canopy and make more paintings, I have all other escentials, such as Roof top carrier, Camping trailer, Display wire frames, Tools etc. I want to go to Silverton's Festival in August and I have put in my application, then there are all kinds of Festivals on the Coast Lincoln City, Tillamook, Etc Etc and I will check them out as well.


I imagine that I will start doing these Art Shows and or Festivals in the middle of April, the weather should be reasonable then.


As the year comes to a close, I decided to try the chalk pastels one more time, my daughter send me a picture of a Hummingbird, I was so taken by the colors in the photo that I immediately wanted to create the painting, I guess practice makes perfect or in this case makes me do better.


it is a lot of fun, but I found that I just have to keep working on it and eventually it starts to take shape and gets interesting.

As I was writing in my last blog, I was working on an Oil pastel depicting a light house, Well here it is all framed, my first Oil Pastel, I must say I like the medium very much and most likely will make some more

I also tried my hand at Chalk Pastel and painted my grand children picking blueberries in Oregon, Very difficult medium and I have to learn a lot more before I attempt another

Here is the Chalk Pastel (Soft Pastel), it turned out a lot darker than I had in mind due to the Fixative I sprayed on the Chalk, and then framed it under glass.

Another nice picture I did was this pair of boys canoeing down the Willamette River in Salem Oregon, I found it so fascinating to see the shear determination in the face of the boy in the back. Acrylic on Board 11x14

Salem Oregon has a wonderful art community and tries to host artist in many of thier shows around town. Case in point "Something Red" is a Juried show where artist can submit 3 works of art with major features being the color red. I only have 2 pieces that would come under consideration with those guide lines, and so I am submitting them.


Way back in 1986, (yes 30 years ago) I made a couple of watercolor paintings. one of which is shown below, A Dutch market vendor set up with his cart. I happen to find it while looking for other items in my basement and decided to recue it.



I am now working on a Patel painting of a lighthouseand will show the completed painting as soon as it is finished.

Meanwhile I am trying to get some items in the Elsinore Gallery here in Salem for thier February 2017 show.

This time I set out to paint a waterfall in Silver falls State park in Oregon. I took the picture on my cellphone just to refresh my memory while I painted.

It turned out very good if I may say so myself, I am pleased, it was so much fun to actually create this and see it come to fruition.

I typically go to Silver Falls park once a year to honor my late wife, normally the falls are not all that wide and wild, this October however it had a lot of water in it and looked impressive.

I have been feeding these birds for over 2 years, they love unsalted peanuts, they come to my deck and make a lot of noise until I get out there and throw the peanuts on the deck. So I know what they look like and wanted to paint them, even though they are not the prietiest birds around, they do deserve to be honered in a painting.

8" x 10" Acrylic Painting on Archival Board

Available unframed for $180.00 Paypal accepted